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At Southern Joint Replacement Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, the number one goal is helping you to live free from any joint pain. Experienced orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey T. Hodrick, MD, offers today’s most innovative and advanced joint replacement options, including robotic joint replacements and opioid-sparing joint replacements, often done on an outpatient basis. To receive a joint replacement from one of Nashville’s most trusted orthopedic experts, call the office or book online now.

Joint Replacement Q & A

What is a joint replacement?

A joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Hodrick removes part or all of a damaged or arthritic joint in your hip, knee, or shoulder. Then he places a replacement joint that’s made of ceramic, metal, and/or plastic. Your state-of-the-art prosthetic joint restores your normal range of motion.


Do I need a joint replacement?

A number of different conditions and issues can make you a joint-replacement candidate. The most common reasons for joint replacement include:

  • Damage from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bone fracture
  • Cartilage damage
  • Failed joint replacement (revision surgery)


Other conditions or issues can also trigger joint instability and pain. If your symptoms don't improve with nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Hodrick analyzes your specific case in detail to help you decide whether joint replacement is the best path forward.


How do I prepare for my joint replacement?

About two weeks before your joint replacement surgery, you'll typically undergo a series of tests, including blood work and possibly a urinalysis. It's important to be as healthy as possible going into your joint replacement, so Dr. Hodrick can help with lifestyle changes like eating healthier and quitting smoking.

Plan ahead by purchasing your assistive devices, such as a shower bench, item grabber, and walker before your surgery. Ask a loved one to stay with you in the early part of your recovery, as well. Dr. Hodrick may give you other specific recommendations, too.


What is the recovery from a joint replacement like?

It's different for everyone, but surgeons typically recommend using the new joint quickly after surgery. Some discomfort and pain are normal, but this fades as your new joint heals and starts working within your body. Physical therapy is a crucial part of your recovery, as it improves both movement and flexibility. 

Dr. Hodrick believes in an opioid-sparing approach to pain management and enhanced recovery following joint replacement. Minimizing the use of these strong pain medicines lowers the risk of addiction and significant side effects such as nausea, constipation, and sleep disturbance. Dr. Hodrick believes in a multimodel, pre-emptive approach to enhancing recovery. Focusing on recovery, rather than pain, allowing earlier mobilization and faster return to work and recreational activities.

No matter what type of joint replacement you're having, the team at Southern Joint Replacement Institute is here to support and guide you through a successful experience that greatly improves your quality of life. Use the online scheduler or call the office for the most advanced joint replacement solutions in Nashville.


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