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Advanced robotic joint replacements are helping surgeons perform more accurate surgeries and deliver better patient outcomes. Expert orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey T. Hodrick, MD, and the medical team at the Southern Joint Replacement Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, use robotic joint replacements to help patients recover more quickly and feel more comfortable with their new joints. Contact the office or book an appointment online to learn more.

Robotic Joint Replacement Q & A

What is robotic joint replacement?

Robotic joint replacement uses advanced technology to precisely remove damaged bone and cartilage and place new, perfectly fitted artificial joints. Dr. Hodrick may use robot-assisted surgeries, such as MAKOplasty, to replace your knee or hip joint if you experience pain and dysfunction. 

Though the word “robot” may sound frightening, robot-assisted surgeries are performed completely by Dr. Hodrick. The technology simply extends his ability to make precise cuts and personalize your joint replacement procedure. The success of these surgeries still depends on having an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon.

What are the benefits of robotic joint replacement?

To perform a robotic joint replacement, your surgeon uses computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images to develop a personalized plan for your procedure. These images are taken before surgery and uploaded to software that can determine exactly where your surgeon should remove the bone. The images may also be used to determine what size artificial joint to use, or they may even be used to 3-D print a fully customized joint.

During the procedure, robotic technology ensures that your surgeon only removes the correct bone. Tools such as saws will stop working if they’re taken out of the designated removal area.

These technologies lead to more accurate, more personalized surgeries and allow you to keep as much of your healthy bone as possible. Studies estimate that robotic knee replacements are two to three times more accurate than traditional knee replacements, while robotic hip replacements are up to four times more accurate.

Studies suggest that higher accuracy with cuts and placement of the artificial joint leads to better patient satisfaction and a more natural feeling joint. Decreasing soft tissue damage leads to faster recovery time after surgery.


Am I a candidate for robotic joint replacement?

Most patients are good candidates for robotic joint replacement, no matter their age or lifestyle. 

Dr. Hodrick uses robotic technology to deliver natural-feeling joint replacements. Find out if you are a candidate by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

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