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Shoulder replacement surgery helps restore pain-free shoulder function by replacing damaged bone and cartilage with a reliable artificial joint. At Southern Joint Replacement Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, highly-skilled orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey T. Hodrick, MD, and his team offer advanced total and partial shoulder replacements to improve quality of life and reduce pain. Contact the office or book an appointment online to learn more.

Shoulder Replacement Q & A

What is shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement is a surgery to remove damaged cartilage and bone in the shoulder and replace it with an artificial joint. 

Artificial joints are made of metal and plastic. They mimic the size and shape of your natural joint, allowing you to regain pain-free function in your shoulder. 

Who needs a shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacements help relieve severe pain or dysfunction that prevents you from using your shoulder. You may need a shoulder replacement if you suffer from:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder fracture

If one of these conditions causes pain, swelling, or trouble moving the shoulder, a joint replacement may help you.


How is shoulder replacement performed?

During a shoulder replacement, you’re asleep under general anesthesia. Anesthetists will perform a nerve block, which decreases or even eliminates pain for the first 24 hours after surgery. The entire procedure takes about two hours. An anesthesiologist monitors you throughout the procedure to ensure you’re safe.

To begin, Dr. Hodrick makes an incision on the front of your shoulder. Through the incision, they remove damaged cartilage and bone. He removes part of your arm bone (humerus) as well as part of the round bone socket that your arm fits into.

Once the damaged bone is gone, Dr. Hodrick places the implants. A metal rod with a ball at the end is placed into your arm bone, mimicking the shape and size of your original bone. A metal socket with a plastic liner is placed into the bone socket. The two parts fit together, allowing you to move and rotate your shoulder as you did before.

Dr. Hodrick then sews up the incision. You’re taken to a recovery area for a few hours. Once you’re awake, you can go to your hospital room. You may spend one or two nights in the hospital before returning home. 

Recovery from shoulder replacement can take weeks to months. It’s important to participate in physical therapy during your recovery to have the best results possible.

Dr. Hodrick offers advanced shoulder replacement techniques and prostheses. Contact the office or book an appointment online to learn if shoulder replacement can help you.

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